• Reduce the likelihood of damage from forklift traffic
  • Protect racking to reduce maintenance costs
  • Segregate work areas and pedestrian walkways
  • Create efficient space for bulk storing pallets at ground level

Barrier Protection

Warehouse barrier protection is designed to protect workers from collisions with vehicles such as reach trucks, forklifts and other carriers. As well as protecting workers, they also prevent accidental damage to racking. Warehouse crash barriers can protect pallet racking from collapsing if they are accidentally knocked by a vehicle. When this happens, it can cause considerable damage to stock and carries a serious injury risk to employees.

The risk of something going wrong in a warehouse without sufficient barrier protection in place is considerable, so it’s important to invest in getting it right.

How does barrier protection work?

Barrier protection is tough and versatile and comes in a range of different designs. They are designed to spread the force of impact from a collision, reducing the amount of damage caused. Barriers are strong enough to resist considerable force and slow down a vehicle that is moving at pace.

Forklifts are at risk of overturning and when they do this, they can cause substantial damage as well as being a threat to operators and other warehouse staff. Warehouse barrier protection can prevent forklifts from overturning by redirecting them upon impact.

The different types of barrier protection

There is a range of different barrier protection solutions made from either solid or flexible materials. Whether you’re looking for end-of-aisle rack protectors, pallet rack protectors, pallet rack guards or a warehouse column protector, there are carefully designed options available that maximise protection.

Bollard systems consist of a bollard with a steel core and are engineered to protect equipment and concrete floors as well as people. Crash barrier systems are designed for total damage protection and are ideal for protecting wall perimeters, creating traffic lanes and for separating people and equipment as they move around the warehouse. Pedestrian barriers fulfil a similar function.

Racking barriers protect your racking from impact, bumps and collisions which over time can cause considerable structural damage. Column guards add protection to your column, protecting them from the full force of impacts.

The importance of barrier protection

Barrier protection can help ensure that the risks associated with high traffic or particularly dangerous areas of a warehouse operation are considerably reduced. They are a strong line of defence and an important part of any warehouse health and safety regime within your warehouse.

Heavy vehicles such as forklifts can cause serious injuries and even fatalities, so it’s important that your warehouse has adequate barrier protection in place to ensure safe operation throughout.

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