• Store a wide variety of loads
  • Ideal for Timber and Sheet Metal/Material
  • Designed to suit any requirement
  • Efficient Storage Solution
  • Indoor or External Use


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More About Cantilever Racking Systems

At Spartan Direct we offer tailor-made cantilever racking systems to store your products efficiently and safely. Our designs reflect your needs to maximise your storage space.

Our cantilever racking system provides the most economical and practical solution that is robust to ensure longevity for all different types of industries and uses. Cantilever racking systems are mainly designed for the storage of long and heavy loads. They are best used for the storage of timber or long metals. They provide a practical storage solution to heavy goods and help store your products safely and as well as using storage space efficiently.

The cantilever racking system can be painted a variety of colours and it is galvanised for external application. Our cantilever racking system will be tried and tested to ensure it follows British Standard to keep it in line with safety legislation.

Our specialists are always on hand to help with any additional adjusts needed to the cantilever system after completion. You can be assured of our prompt service to benefit your needs with the most competitive prices so call Spartan Direct today for your hassle free quote.

Cantilever racking systems are mainly designed for the storage of long and heavy loads – for extra heavy loads we do also offer heavy duty cantilever systems. They are best used for the storage of timber or long metals. They provide a practical storage solution to heavy goods and help store your products safely and as well as using storage space efficiently.

The racking is a bespoke design taking into account height restrictions, arms lengths and capacities and product lengths and loadings.

The racks can be either Single or double sided and haver number of additional extra’s available such as removable retaining pins or end stops, arm end ties, tyre guards and steel or timber decking.

For external use, the racking can be supplied with a galvanised finish

What is Cantilever Racking?

Designed to help with the storage of irregular, or long length materials, cantilever racking provides an open fronted, highly flexible shelving and storage solution for businesses. Arm levels are fully adjustable and can be customised to suit any product. Cantilever is ideal for items that may be excessive long and of high value,

Placing product in the rack can reduce the risk of damage while maximising floor space efficiencies

Cantilever Racking is perfect for storing any material, pipes and tubing, timber, panelling, raw materials, and much more – allowing you to enjoy a high utility storage solution at an affordable price.

Designed to suit the needs or each client or each application, from light loads where the rack is hand loaded with just a few KG’s up to heavy loads where a forklift is required to load / unload the rack with products into the 1000’s of kgs.

When would I need cantilever racking?

Any racking solution is sought out because your business requires it. A correctly chosen and installed racking solution allows you to maximise your available footage and storage space, drive process efficiency, and directly address bottlenecks in your workflow processes. Strong, versatile, and highly durable – racking optimises your vertical space and can help your team operate at capacity without additional risk and cost.

What are the benefits of using cantilever Racking?

Cantilever Racking is available in single and double sided options and is highly flexible and perfect for industries that stock or store items of varying weights and length. This makes it ideal for long and heavy loads that would otherwise be difficult to manage, or need to be floor stacked. The advantage of cantilever racking is that the main structural upright is to the rear leaving the front elevation open and unencumbered. This enables product of various lengths to be stored while keeping the structural elements to the rear away from the potential for forklift damage.

This allows you to enjoy a bespoke solution that specifically fits your requirements, ensuring the highest standards of compliance for your individualised storage needs.

As well as this, cantilever racking is a popular solution due to its ease of use and relatively simple installation process. The modular nature of the design means that it is easy to customise and adjust. This makes it suitable for a range of products and ensures that it can provide long-term support for your space with a range of projects. This also allows you to add high-strength arms for a range of weights or provide decking to provide platforms and fully comply with any safety standards.

Are there any disadvantages of using cantilever Racking?

Like any storage solution, cantilever racking should be chosen where it is fit for purpose. While the solution is suitable for larger or outsize objects, it is best used in warehouses where there is generous space to manoeuvre and store large items. Failing to do so can slow your picking and stocking actions or potentially introduce danger if implemented into an incorrect space.

Why should someone choose Spartan Direct?

If you are looking for a cantilever racking solution that works for your unique business needs, our team at Spartan Direct are here to help. With many years’ experience providing shelving options for a range of sectors, we will be able to provide the assistance that your business needs – ensuring that your wares and materials are stowed safely and securely.

You can view our list of products and services in full from here. Or, if you have need of a bespoke solution or are unsure about what cantilever specification would be right for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let our team know exactly what you need to maintain the highest possible standards of service.