• Safely store extremely heavy loads
  • Increase productivity with bespoke designs
  • Ideal for steel, sheet metal and plastic manufacturers


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More Information About Sheet Storage

Coil and sheet storage is a specialised type of storage. The racking is usually specifically designed and laid out for the most efficient storage depending on the size and weight of product being stored.

Coil racking is designed for the storage of material on reels or drums or on chocks or cradles within pallet racking.

Sheet Racking is designed for the storage of plastic or steel sheet within a cantilever or pallet racking system.

Either system allows for the products to be handled by forklift trucks and positioned in the desired rack location. Coil and sheet storage is a highly specialised form of storage, which has several benefits for the end user. One of the major benefits of specialist coil and sheet storage is in the area of health and safety. Sheets and coils and stacked in a safe manner, giving you the peace of mind that you are working to keep your staff safe and that the risk of accident is reduced. You will also benefit from higher productivity as order picking can be completed in a more efficient manner. With our standard coil and sheet storage service we provide companies with racking solutions, which are designed with the most efficient storage method in mind. Your bespoke storage will ensure that your products are laid out depending on size and weight, leading to a highly efficient solution.

Coil racking is designed for the storage of material on reels or drums and also on chocks or cradles within pallet racking. Sheet racking is designed specifically to store plastic or steel sheet in a cantilever racking or pallet racking system. Both systems are used in conjunction with dedicated aisles and gangways to allow for the use of forklift trucks for positioning products in the correct rack location. The racking can also be used in conjunction with other mechanical handling equipment including multi-directional side-loading trucks.

We can also provide accessories such as pallet support bars, fork spacers, steel and timber decking, cradles and skid channels to improve handling and storage. In addition we offer barrier protection, with robust and resilient barriers designed to protect your racking, walls and equipment from accidental damage.

Working conditions are improved by the addition of bespoke coil and sheet storage solutions and productivity will generally go up as access to your products becomes easier after introducing your specialist storage.

Our clients include steel and sheet metal manufacturers and plastics manufacturers with coil or sheet storage needs. We also work with less specialised industries, such as retailers in a range of sectors, to provide efficient storage solutions and full fit-outs.